What we offer

We are an approved centre for the AQA examination board. Private candidates/students can now carry out their GCSE examinations at our centre. We accommodate most of the standard subjects.

Please note we accept candidates for exams only. Non-exam assessments (NEAs) e.g. coursework/controlled assessment/practical assessments are carried forward only. If you did NEAs and it was the same specification LBC Tuition use, you can ‘carry forward’ your results. Please indicate this on your entry form, confirming the unit code.

Any advice given by staff of LBC Tuition by any means is given without prejudice. It is your responsibility to ensure entries are correct and that correct procedures are followed for the exams.

How to apply

To apply for entry to examinations as a private candidate, please complete the LBC Private Candidate Form and book an appointment with our Examinations Officer by sending an email to mohammednadeem@lbctuition.com.

If you need help to complete the form, read our information guide.

It is your responsibility to provide the correct exam codes for all exams you wish to be entered for. LBC Tuition accepts no responsibility for private candidates entering incorrect codes. The codes can be found in the subject specification. 

AQA specifications: https://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects 

Fees for 2019-20

Level Standard fee Late fee Very late fee
GCSEs £180 £250 £320
Supplementary Fees
Amendment to entry (subject/ tier) £20 per qualification (plus exam board fees)
Special requirements for approved access arrangements Price dependant on need/s

What the fees cover

This fee covers one examination series only. Payment may be made by cash, bank transfers or cheques payable to LBC Tuition. Fees are payable in full at the time of enrolment. Your entry will not be processed until the whole fee is received.

  • All fees are non-refundable.
  • Prices are per full award (per subject), NOT per exam/ unit.
  • Late/ very late fees apply after LBC Tuition deadlines.

LBC Tuition reserves the right to cancel entries and return fees. LBC Tuition fees are not returned if the candidate withdraws from examinations already booked.

As a private examination centre, LBC Tuition has to charge fees for its services. Your fees include:

  • The exam entry fees, set by the exam board – these are passed directly to the awarding bodies.
  • Invigilation costs, to provide the correct level of supervision and support before, during and after exams.
  • Admin costs, enabling us to process your exam requirements, from application to certification.


Entry Deadline 21st February 2020

Late entry fee applies from 22nd February 2020

Very late entry fee applies after 21st April 2020

Fees correct for 2019/20. LBC Tuition reserves the right to amend its charges without notice at any time.



Withdrawal of entries can be accepted but there is no refund of fees. Where students are simply absent for an exam there will be no refund of fees. Fees paid cannot be carried forward from one exam series to another.

Supplementary fees

  • Amendment to entry (subject/ tier): £20 per qualification (plus exam board fees)
  • Special requirements for approved access arrangements: Price dependant on need/s
Access arrangements

In some cases, students have physical or mental conditions, or social circumstances which might require them to have access arrangements for their examinations. For example:

  • extra time
  • special aids
  • modified papers

Please notify us at the time of application if you need any such help.

Examination boards will expect current medical or other written evidence to substantiate the application, so please return this evidence with your application.

Please note the awarding bodies have a deadline for ordering modified papers.


Paper copies will be posted on the day of their receipt by our office.


Certificates will be posted to you as soon as we receive them, and are sent to the address used when enrolling for the exam – this is usually about ten weeks after the results are published. Please inform us if you change address: LBC Tuition accepts no responsibility for posting to an incorrect address.

Post-results enquiries

Post Results Services are available to candidates who have not achieved the grade(s) that they expected. While exam boards do everything they can to ensure the results they issue are accurate and reliable, grades do sometimes change on enquiries made after results. You may wish to pursue an Enquiry About Results (EAR).

It is imperative that LBC Tuition have a written request before processing a request. You will also need to pay the appropriate fee before enquiries can be made on your behalf.

You must fully understand that your marks for a given assessment may change following an enquiry and this could result in subject grades being lowered or raised.

There are three EAR services available:

  1. Clerical checks
  2. Review of marking
  3. Access to scripts 

Fees depend on which EAR you select.

For more information please contact us and we can help explain what your results mean and what options are available to you. Please note that there are deadlines for making these requests and these deadlines are strictly applied.

Key Documents

If entered for an examination, please ensure that you make yourself familiar with the following JCQ notices (which can be downloaded from the JCQ information for candidates documents  ):

  • Information for candidates – coursework
  • Information for candidates – non-examination assessments
  • Information for candidates – on-screen tests
  • Information for candidates – privacy notice
  • Information for candidates – social media
  • Information for candidates – written exams

Testimonial 3

It’s a great place to send my daughter to, she’s been going for about 6 months now and such an improvement in her school work already, and very friendly staff to. I would definitely recommend sending your child to them if u feel your child needs that extra support.

Saiqa Zaman

Testimonial 2

I have been attending to LBC tuition for 4 years and my grades have raised and I have also moved up sets. It also gives you the ability to become quicker at doing questions and it’ll give you a great understanding of GCSE questions.

Alyan Akhtar

Testimonial 6

My daughter has a learning disability and struggles with her reading and writing. Since starting at LBC Tuition in May this year, I and also school have seen an improvement in her reading. My daughter enjoys her weekly lesson and her tutor is really supportive.

Lucia Simpkin

Testimonial 5

Great place! My daughter passed her 11+ exams.

Salihah Ahmed

Testimonial 4

Very thankful for all the support provided by the tutors here. My son passed his 11+ exams. Would recommend to every parent looking for extra support/help for your child’s academic development. ???

Humza Ahmed

Testimonial 9

My daughter has been going here for a while and i think its the best decision I made sending her to LBC. She passed her 11+ test and Allhumdulliah is doing well at school.Both main owners are very understanding in general. I will  carry on sending her when she starts high school as well because it will help her if shes struggling with anything.

Rose Wand

Testimonial 7

LBC is a wonderful tuition centre.The teachers have made a great impact on my learning.

Siraj Nadeem

Testimonial 1

I have three children that attend LBC Tuition and my children really enjoy the classes and really look forward to their weekly class. The staff are really welcoming and the building is so relaxed and enjoyable with bright class rooms. I want to thank the staff for their hard work so far with my children, they’re doing well in school.

Deborah Rand

Testimonial 8

My son goes to LBC and he loves it. Very good staff and great communication. I would recommend to everyone.

Syeda Ahmed

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