At LBC Tuition we have professional teachers who are specially equipped to tutor students with SEN (Special Educational Needs). Whether your child has been assessed by the local council as having SEN or not, we will provide plenty of additional help and support.

With as many as 1:5 children having special educational needs, we are able to put in place all of the necessary additional support to enable them to reach their full potential.  We understand that every child is different and that by creating an individual learning style that suits them, they will respond in a much more positive way.  Working within a nurturing and caring environment, we enable them to build confidence and study independently, taking as much time as is needed to achieve their set goals.

If necessary, we can liaise with your child’s school in order to clearly understand any difficulties and put in place methods to overcome them; this also ensures total consistency of support and tuition. With specialist staff who can adapt to suit any particular learning style, we are able to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your child will be accompanied during their learning journey by staff who care and understand them and their needs.

Whatever type of specific learning needs your child has, get in touch now so that we can discuss it further in complete confidence.

Testimonial 1

I have three children that attend LBC Tuition and my children really enjoy the classes and really look forward to their weekly class. The staff are really welcoming and the building is so relaxed and enjoyable with bright class rooms. I want to thank the staff for their hard work so far with my children, they’re doing well in school.

Deborah Rand

Testimonial 5

Great place! My daughter passed her 11+ exams.

Salihah Ahmed

Testimonial 8

My son goes to LBC and he loves it. Very good staff and great communication. I would recommend to everyone.

Syeda Ahmed

Testimonial 3

It’s a great place to send my daughter to, she’s been going for about 6 months now and such an improvement in her school work already, and very friendly staff to. I would definitely recommend sending your child to them if u feel your child needs that extra support.

Saiqa Zaman

Testimonial 6

My daughter has a learning disability and struggles with her reading and writing. Since starting at LBC Tuition in May this year, I and also school have seen an improvement in her reading. My daughter enjoys her weekly lesson and her tutor is really supportive.

Lucia Simpkin

Testimonial 4

Very thankful for all the support provided by the tutors here. My son passed his 11+ exams. Would recommend to every parent looking for extra support/help for your child’s academic development. ???

Humza Ahmed

Testimonial 2

I have been attending to LBC tuition for 4 years and my grades have raised and I have also moved up sets. It also gives you the ability to become quicker at doing questions and it’ll give you a great understanding of GCSE questions.

Alyan Akhtar

Testimonial 9

My daughter has been going here for a while and i think its the best decision I made sending her to LBC. She passed her 11+ test and Allhumdulliah is doing well at school.Both main owners are very understanding in general. I will  carry on sending her when she starts high school as well because it will help her if shes struggling with anything.

Rose Wand

Testimonial 7

LBC is a wonderful tuition centre.The teachers have made a great impact on my learning.

Siraj Nadeem

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