Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We are still operating as usual until further notice 

If you feel unwell

Self-isolate if you have a temperature; do not come to the centre. Students and staff who feel unwell at LBC Tuition must report it and may be asked to go home. More advice can be found at

Students who miss lessons because they feel unwell will be offered replacements when they are well enough to return.


Maximum of 4 children allowed per session: tables to be separated to ensure that all students will be working 1 metre apart from each other. 

Handwash on arrival; all students required to wash their hands for 20 seconds (using soap and handtowels).

Extra tissue boxes will be put out as everybody should only use tissues once (and wash hands afterwards)

Students can bring their own equipment (pens, pencils and calculators) we can still provide clean equipment.

LBC Tuition Centre are taking all measures to keep the centre clean and safe for students.


Private Tutor Based in Keighley

LBC Tuition is a professional Education Centre offering personalised tuition from KS1 to KS4.

Our private tuition & learning programmes cover Maths, English and Science as well as SEN, 11plus, preparation for secondary school, SATs and GCSEs.

Our mission is to provide every child in Keighley with the opportunity to increase their confidence and reach their full academic potential, whether that may be a short-term boost in a specific subject, or to focus on the necessary skills to ensure exam success at every level.

More than just worksheets

Our fun and interactive sessions provide a positive learning experience.

More than just a private tutor

Our comprehensive programme provides an individual mix of teaching and practice for every student.

More than just sitting in front of a computer

We believe human beings will always do a better job than a machine and our tutors are a great example of that!

It’s a great place to send my daughter to, she’s been going for about 6 months now and such an improvement in her school work already, and very friendly staff to. I would definitely recommend sending your child to them if u feel your child needs that extra support.

Saiqa Zaman

I have been attending to LBC tuition for 4 years and my grades have raised and I have also moved up sets. It also gives you the ability to become quicker at doing questions and it’ll give you a great understanding of GCSE questions.

Alyan Akhtar

My son goes to LBC and he loves it. Very good staff and great communication. I would recommend to everyone.

Syeda Ahmed

Great place! My daughter passed her 11+ exams.

Salihah Ahmed

My daughter has been going here for a while and i think its the best decision I made sending her to LBC. She passed her 11+ test and Allhumdulliah is doing well at school.Both main owners are very understanding in general. I will  carry on sending her when she starts high school as well because it will help her if shes struggling with anything.

Rose Wand

Very thankful for all the support provided by the tutors here. My son passed his 11+ exams. Would recommend to every parent looking for extra support/help for your child’s academic development. 👍👍👍

Humza Ahmed

LBC is a wonderful tuition centre.The teachers have made a great impact on my learning.

Siraj Nadeem

My daughter has a learning disability and struggles with her reading and writing. Since starting at LBC Tuition in May this year, I and also school have seen an improvement in her reading. My daughter enjoys her weekly lesson and her tutor is really supportive.

Lucia Simpkin

I have three children that attend LBC Tuition and my children really enjoy the classes and really look forward to their weekly class. The staff are really welcoming and the building is so relaxed and enjoyable with bright class rooms. I want to thank the staff for their hard work so far with my children, they’re doing well in school.

Deborah Rand
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